About Verity Tracking

Who Is Verity? 

Verity is a diverse team of sustainability engineers, blockchain experts, data scientists, AG Tech, farming, and energy professionals who share a collective ambition to have global impact on the current climate model, while creating value for the people having a positive impact on the planet. 

The Verity team creates trust in true sustainability and carbon intensity metrics through the source level measurement, reporting, and verification of carbon intensity in agriculture, verifiable down to the bushel level tied directly to regenerative and climate smart agricultural practices, and in energy, directly to the sensor level for natural gas/ hydrogen, or nutrient level for RNG. 

With the technology to differentiate and translate the value of carbon, Verity is quickly becoming the leader in the quantification of carbon, ESG, & sustainability metrics. 

What Is Verity? 

Verity is the world’s first blockchain-powered Carbon Platform as a Service (C-PaaS) and is at the forefront of creating the ability to track, verify, and empirically value carbon intensity across the full carbon lifecycle. 

We take a first of its kind, business systems approach focused on the MRV-V (Measurement, Reporting, Verification and Value) of carbon intensity and generate financial, operational, and qualitative gains across the full carbon lifecycle by creating the ability to differentiate both the digital carbon assets, and the underlying commodity value across: 

  • Growers (Feedstocks)
  • Producers (Bio-fuels, Hydrogen, RNG and Natgas, Food, CPG) 
  • Consumers (Oil and Gas, Airlines, Fleets, Corporations) 

“The Verity Effect”

  1. “The Verity Effect” = Decommoditization Through Decarbonization
  2. The CI scoring of the feedstock down to the bushel level on farm locks in the carbon intensity attributes to a digital profile that can then be tracked and transformed across the full carbon value chain.
  3. The act of tracking and verifying the attributes of decarbonization from source creates the opportunity to differentiate commodities from the ground up. This starts with scientifically CI-profiled commodities, which can then be transformed into carbon differentiated fuels, energy, food, or CPG’s through the whole carbon lifecycle.
  4. Commodities then have the ability to be further differentiated through decarbonization which creates competitive advantage through higher quality credits, token creation, and transformational products like SAF, renewable diesel, low-carbon CPG’s, and many more.
  5. In this model, A lower CI score equates to higher value, causing revenue-driven acceleration of regenerative and climate smart AG practices which in turn means lower carbon intensity for the planet while creating financial benefit across the value chain to the companies making the right choices.

Paul Bloom

Head of Verity Tracking
Chief Technology Office and Chief Innovation Officer at Gevo, Inc.

Jason Libersky

Chief Product Officer 

Lucas Zaehringer

Managing Director 

Fabio Teichmann

Lead Data Scientist 

Tiberiu Novac

Lead Developer 

Kevin Hodges

Grower Program Leader 

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