About Verity Tracking

Verity Tracking Makes Sustainability Real

Looking for “sustainability assurance,” advanced bio-based renewable fuel producer Gevo approached Blocksize Capital to help develop a system to track the entire value chain of their product: Everything from the way the bio-based feedstocks were grown to the way Gevo created its fuel using renewable energy sources. Gevo was innovating at every turn to reduce the carbon intensity of its products, and wanted a way to show that value and share it upstream. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) offers an interesting solution to this challenge.

Where Is Verity Tracking Going?

Both Blocksize Capital and Gevo could see the value in agriculture as one of the essential areas of impact, and both see several use cases for DLT-based applications. As a collaboration between Gevo and Blocksize Capital, Verity Tracking came about to explore and capitalize on DLT. We are developing numerous opportunities to track sustainability attributes across the value chain in an efficient manner.

Making the first step towards building an ecosystem based on DLT for tracking renewable transportation fuels has opened the door to explore the value of these attributes with the potential of making it accessible to a broader audience. Very low carbon or net zero-emission renewable fuels are a good place to start the development of these types of software and tools.

Verity Tracking is dedicated to preparing the ground for the next generation of assets and infrastructure.

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