The Argonne GREET LCI lets us verify reduced carbon intensity across the whole carbon lifecycle  

For Agriculture, measuring carbon intensity in a scientific, and data driven fashion, down to the bushel level creates financial incentives for farmers to adopt climate smart and regenerative AG practices and provide a verifiable carbon intensity profile attached to the underlying commodity with full traceability and audit.

Verity has codified The GREET LCI into the back-end of our platform to use as a master framework for CI inputs that equate to a verifiable CI score and will continue to build upon best of breed frameworks that integrate into global measurement models.

When all factors come into the equation, then we can truly evaluate carbon emission intensity. Different types of greenhouse gases (GHG) are understood to have diverse effect on the environment. The GHG intensity of each process will help the manufacturer of a product determine what to go after first to help reduce the number. The carbon intensity of methane, for example, is considered more destructive than carbon dioxide. Targeting methane sources first will help drive down a product’s impact in the LCI.

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