Through solving this data, and business process problem at the root, Verity is helping create new value value in the form of more highly valued carbon assets and systems, as well as enhanced value to existing processes inherent in the existing business system, some of which include:  

  • Operational efficiencies through enhanced CI-based data & analytics, forecasting & carbon-focused process optimization for growers and energy/food/CPG producers
  • Business process automation across multiple stakeholders 
  • Faster settlement & automated digital payment across the ecosystem through a combination of smart contracts, DLT, & near future ML
  • New market value creation around differentiated digital carbon assets, & exchange functionality
  • Fully verified, traceable, and auditable carbon & derivative (attributional) assets in the form of credits or tokens
  • Carbon intelligence & data products both direct, & in conjunction, with market leaders in focused verticals
  • 360-degree view into CI related process level data & workflows against global frameworks, models, & certifications to determine best possible outcomes
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