Verity Tracking Details

Track the Future of Sustainability

Verity Tracking is dedicated to preparing the ground for the next generation of assets and infrastructure. We are a group of experts in their fields from Gevo, an advanced bio-based renewable fuel producer, and Blocksize Capital, a blockchain company focused on smart contracts and distributed ledger technology.

Gevo addresses the market need of reducing greenhouse gas emissions with sustainable alternatives, and is commercializing the next generation of biofuels with diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel that have the potential to achieve zero carbon emissions.

Blocksize Capital is a leader in high-end trading software for digital assets that helps financial institutions offer digital-asset-related trading services to their clients, and is a fast-growing provider of SaaS for banks and asset managers.

These industry leaders have come together to lend their experience and expertise to create a way to track sustainability in the life cycle inventory of a product.

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