Measurement, Reporting,
Verification and Value
Verity takes a first-of-its-kind,
business-systems approach
focused on carbon intensity.
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and Regenerative Ag
Creating a Lower Carbon Intensity Future.
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Value with Blockchain
It's simple: Certify the value of carbon removed from the atmosphere and create a market for it.
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Learn more about Verity Tracking and how we use Blockchain to ensure and encourage sustainability for entire industries.

Watch this video to learn more about Verity Tracking.

Who Is Verity Tracking?

  • Verity is a diverse team of sustainability engineers, blockchain experts, data scientists, chemical engineers, AG Tech, farming, & energy professionals who share a common goal – Create a better future for the planet while creating value for the people & organizations that are making it happen.

  • The Verity team creates trust in true sustainability and carbon intensity metrics through the source level measurement, reporting, and verification of carbon intensity tied directly to regenerative and climate smart agricultural practices.  The data is verified down to the bushel level on the farm or direct from sensor for hydrogen, RNG / Natgas, or additional commodities.

  • With the technology to differentiate and translate the value of carbon, Verity is quickly becoming the leader in the quantification of carbon, ESG, and sustainability metrics.

What Does Verity Tracking Do?

  • Verity is the world’s first blockchain-powered Carbon Platform as a Service (C-PaaS) and is at the forefront of creating the ability to track, verify, and empirically value carbon intensity across the full carbon lifecycle. 

  • We take a first of its kind, business systems approach focused on the MRV-V (Measurement, Reporting, Verification & Value) of carbon intensity and generate financial, operational, & qualitative gains across the full carbon lifecycle by creating the ability to differentiate both the digital carbon assets, and the underlying commodity value across:

            1. Growers (Feedstocks)
            2. Producers (Fuels, Hydrogen, RNG & Natgas, Food, CPG) 
            3. Consumers (O&G, Airlines, Fleets, Corporations) 

The Challenges Verity Tracking Is Working To Solve Across the Value Chain

  • Verity Tracking is working to lower the world’s carbon intensity through verifiable and scientifically modeled data at source across the full carbon lifecycle. We focus on root cause fix versus symptoms and are creating financial value traced and verified to the right actions; regenerative and climate-smart AG, smarter fuels usage, etc. 

  • There are multiple challenges that we are addressing today across market stakeholders some of which include the following:


  • No system for attributional data & value creation (e.g., Low CI feedstocks or gas)

  • Limited integration of varied certification systems or standards into a master framework

  • Value creation vs cost creation throughout the full ecosystem

  • Low data confidence, traceability, & verification

  • Data either siloed or not available at source (Field or Sensor) 


  • No verifiable audit for CI scoring back to feedstock

  • Limited product market liquidity

  • No verifiable risk management, audit, or fraud prevention tracking

  • No ability to differentiate commodities for premium value


  • No verifiable defense against Greenwashing claims

  • Compliance & audit challenges (Scoped Emissions Reporting & Compliance)

  • Limited ability to acquire verifiable, high-quality carbon credits or inset tokens

  • No verifiable risk management audit, or fraud prevention tracking

  • No verifiable way to offer proof of full sustainability or ESG insets in lifecycle 

As farmers sequester more and more carbon in their fields, Verity makes an entry in its digital ledger.

By creating a system where we ensure sustainable methods are living up to their promise, Verity adds value to every stage of the supply chain.

We see potential in a system where we ensure sustainable methods are living up to their promise. Stay tuned…

We see potential in a system where we ensure sustainable methods are living up to their promise. Stay tuned…


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